VendorLinkVendorLink Supplier Retailer Collaboration Portal is a simple way to effectively share, analyse and leverage retail data that benefits both retailers and their suppliers. Retailers can share applicable data with key supplier stakeholders at any level of detail allowing both parties to perform the ongoing and ad-hoc analyses they need to understand their performance in realtime, to increase customer loyalty, and to drive higher sales in stores.

What is VendorLink

The retail sector has been facing several challenges related to supply chain management, stock control, brand loyalty etc. These problems increase costs for businesses (retailers and suppliers). Analysing information related to the above may cause a significant cost reduction. VendorLink aims to create a new service concerning the implementation of a system for report preparations and support for retailers based on the needs of enterprises.

The purpose of the service is to take information and exploit the results for the below:
◾ The supply chain management at store level
◾ The statistical analysis for retailers and suppliers to optimise the management of product categories – level store
◾ Analysis of the market
◾ Promotion performance
VendorLink lets you analyse Data With High-Level of Detail. Unlike third-party and syndicated services that only provide access to summarised data, the VendorLink Portal allows data to be accessed and analysed at its most granular level to inform:

  • Product sales performanceVendorLink-Dashboard
  • Product quantity movement
  • Promotional effectiveness
  • Category management
  • Top 10 products
  • Top 10 suppliers
  • Suppliers market share
  • Ad-Hoc reporting using any measure/dimension

VendorLink answers questions like:

  • “Are customers finding my products on the retailer’s shelf?”
  • “What kind of sales increase did I get from the promotion I just ran?”
  • “How is my new product selling?”
  • “How much more should I be making?”

Unfortunately, these answers are usually berried deep inside the complicated sell-through reports or retail audits. You don’t have the resources or the people to keep up with this vast amount of information nor the IT budget to install a big custom reporting system.  Opportunities to grow your sales,  optimise your marketing spend and improve your supply chain continue to pass you by… until now!!! Now, there is VendorLink, an easy to use retail analytics solution that gives you answers to these questions.  VendorLink takes all that complex Point of Sale data on a daily basis from all retailers to create the required insight you need to improve your business”.

For more information and details on how to signup for this service, please contact NexTech.

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